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Thor and the Warriors Three travel across the realms to begin their quest. Their first destination is Yggdrasil to retrieve three apples from the top, guarded by Lerad. During their climb, they come across Rattatosk, and in exchange for some seeds from Idunn's apples, Rattatosk tells them what he knows of Lerad. When they reach the top, Volstagg goes forth alone to challenge Lerad, while the others wait in hiding for the chance to get the apples. The first challenge is a drinking contest, which despite his mighty appetite, Volstagg loses. The second contest is of strength. Volstagg challenges Lerad to blow him off his feet. While Lerad is distracted, the others steal the apples and start down the tree. They are beset by a group of eagles called by Lerad. They are almost knocked off Yggdrasil, when Thor uses Mjolnir to transport them to their next destination. They land in a river and are immediately swept over a waterfall. When they reach the shore, Thor tells them that they are in Olympus, home of the Greek Gods. Later that night, around the campfire, they are met by a hooded stranger, who tells them that he was waiting for them. He tells them that if they feed him, he will take them to the wine they seek - the wine of Dionysus. The next day, the stranger reveals himself to be Dionysus. He tells them that several months ago, a friend came by and now won't leave and has essentially stolen his wine and pig. The Asgardians tell him that they will help him, if they can borrow the pig for a time. They cross over the hill to see the "friend" - Hercules.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • Thor and the Warriors Three take the long way around to the World Tree to begin their journey to recover the first of several mystical items only to find signs of the beginning of the Asgardian world and the end of it! Then, in issue 3: THOR FIGHTS HERCULES FOR THE ENTIRE ISSUE! THOR VS. HERCULES! HERCULES VS. THOR! FIGHTS GALORE! Drawn by the amazing pen of Scott Kolins and Thor Disassembled writer Mike Avon Oeming, this is but the beginning of a long journey full of action, fights and classic Marvel Thor.


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