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Thor-El is an amalgam of Thor and the blue energy Superman. A being named Access has the ability to merge people from different universes into one being, with the combined abilities of both. He possesses an energy mallet, but the book never really went into what his powers exactly are.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


The mighty Thor-El possesses the energy mallet of the Kryptonian thunder god. He possesses both superhuman strength and the ability to project energy blasts from the mallet. Made up entirely of energy, his only weakness is to the substance known as Nornonite. He is familiar with the mysterious Valhalla Zone, where criminals are sent into exile.


"Then the energy mallet of the Kryptonian Thunder God stands ready"

"By Rao - I say thee nay"

"I shall be exiled to the Valhalla Zone before allowing such dark deeds to transpire"

"You are a valiant foe, Magneto - but nothing less that Nornonite can bring low Thor-El"


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