Quote1 Living Tribunal, all reality is about to change and I wish to quietly observe this wondrous event. Quote2
-- Thanos

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Synopsis for "Damnation and Redemption"Edit

Thanos, having gained the Infinity Gauntlet, sends avatars of himself throughout time and space. One of these comes across a past event of himself that he has no recollection of, being a prisoner of Mephisto. Freeing his past self, he educates himself on events to come.


  • This story begins during the conclusion of Captain Marvel #33, and continues through to current events.

    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • Jim Starlin returns to Thanos, and he’s brought INFINITY GAUNTLET artist Ron Lim with him!

• Thanos must face Mephisto, his future self, the Avengers and more! • Learn how a devastating defeat in Thanos’ past set events into motion that will redefine the Marvel Universe in the near future! • A prequel to the upcoming THANOS: THE INFINITY REVELATION original graphic novel!


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