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King of Muspelheim

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Yellow, (no visible pupil)
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Fire Demon
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Appearance of Death


Surtur is an enormous fire demon who rules over Muspelheim, one of Asgard's Nine Worlds. Surtur is possibly the oldest being in the Nine Worlds, predating the Asgardian race. Muspelheim is populated by numerous fire demons of smaller statue, and Muspelheim's environment is composed primarily of fire. One day, the three heirs to Asgard's throne - brothers Vili, Ve and Odin Borson - journeyed to Muspelheim as they explored all Nine Worlds. Brought before Surtur by fire demons, the brothers asked if it were true one day he would destroy the Nine Worlds. Surtur avowed the prophecy and brandished the sword Twilight, explaining once he bathed it within the Eternal Flame of Destruction it would be unstoppable. The brothers opposed Surtur, merging together into a single being the same size as Surtur. They struck and shattered Twilight's blade with their sword. The brothers stole the Eternal Flame and beat a hasty exit from Muspelheim, but as Surtur pursued them, Vili and Ve sent Odin through Muspleheim's exit portal alone, carrying the Eternal Flame. Vii and Ve faced Surtur and were apparently quickly slain; with their deaths, their power flowed into Odin, rendering him the most powerful Asgardian god and birthing his cosmic Odinpower. Odin brought the Eternal Flame to Asgard's capital and concealed it.

Later, according to legend, Surtur allied with Asgard's trolls to rebel and overthrow Odin. Odin learned of the rebellion and bested the trolls, then fought Surtur. Realizing Odin was too powerful for him, Surtur quickly transported himself to Earth to destroy it and grieve Odin. Surtur tunneled toward the Earth's core, allegedly dislodging an immense stone block into orbit that thereafter was Earth's moon. Odin created the rainbow bridge Bifrost to pursue Surtur and battled him, finally sealing the demon beneath the Earth's surface.

Surtur eventually escaped and returned to Muspelheim. Years later, he was visited by Odin's adopted son Loki Laufeyson in astral form. Loki offered Surtur the soul of Eldred, his wizardly mentor, if Surtur let Loki keep Eldred's power. Surtur agreed, and Loki convinced Eldred to summon Surtur into their lair, supposedly containing Surtur within a protective circle. However, once Surtur manifested, Loki threw Eldred into the circle, and Surtur slew him, then gave Loki Eldred's power. Still desiring the Eternal Flame, Surtur invaded Asgard several times, but was repeatedly held back by Odin and his sons Thor Odinson and Balder. Finally, Odin returned Surtur to his cell within the Earth's core.

In modern times, Loki tricked Odin into granting him temporary rule over Asgard with a portion of the Odinpower while Odin confronted Thor on Earth over his son's affections for the human Jane Foster. Loki released Surtur from his prison and similarly released Skagg the Storm Giant. As the two beings prepared to destroy the Earth for revenge on Odin, Odin sent all of humanity into another dimension to protect them while he, Thor and Balder fought the giant beings. Surtur and Skagg fought side-by-side until Surtur directed Skagg to delay the three gods while he journeyed to the Arctic Circle, intending to melt the ice caps and thereby flood the Earth. Odin spent most of his power defeating Skagg, but Thor generated a magnetic beam with Odin's sword that hurled Surtur from the Earth, affixing him to an asteroid floating in space.

Later, the Sons of Satannish, a mystical cult worshiping the demon Satannish and led by Asmodeus (Charles Benton), discovered the Spell of Fire and Ice in the Book of the Vishanti, a magic tome possessed by Dr. Stephen Strange. Hoping to ravage the Earth, Asmodeus performed the spell, causing Surtur to reappear at the Arctic Circle and the great Frost Giant Ymir to manifest in the African country Wakanda. Both beings began unleashing their might on the Earth, but Dr. Strange recruited Hawkeye (Clint Barton) and the Black Knight (Dane Whitman) to combat Surtur while the Black Panther (T'Challa) and Vision dealt with Ymir. Although the heroes could not match their foes' power, at a crucial moment when Surtur and Ymir were each about to strike the heroes, Dr. Strange transported the two giants to the same location, causing them to strike each other instead; because their fiery and icy natures were anathema to each other, it undid the spell that brought them and returned both to Asgard. Odin quickly placed a mystical barrier around Muspelheim to keep Surtur from escaping again.

During one of his periodic "Odinsleeps," Odin's throne was again usurped by Loki, and the barrier around Muspelheim weakened, allowing Surtur to emerge. As Surtur combated Asgard's forces, Loki panicked and fled to Earth. While Balder attempted to rescue Odin from the Sea of Eternal Night, where Loki had confined him, Thor led the Warriors Three and other Asgardians against Surtur, but even exotic weapons such as the frost gun proved ineffective. Finally, Balder returned Odin to Asgard, and the revived monarch lashed out at Surtur, quickly imprisoning him in Muspelheim.

Surtur spent some time preparing for his next operation and finally resumed reforging Twilight, destroying "the Burning Galaxy" to unleash the energy he needed. Surtur now needed only the Eternal Flame of Destruction to complete Twilight's power. Odin sent his ravens Hugin and Munin to spy on Surtur, but Surtur destroyed Hugin. Allying with the dark elf Malekith, Surtur had him arrange a treaty with Loki, ensuring when Surtur attacked Asgard Loki would remain neutral. Surtur also had Malekith retrieve the Casket of Ancient Winters, an artifact that could unleash winter's fury on Earth, generating worldwide snowstorms.

His armies finally ready, Surtur had Malekith break the Casket on Earth, weakening Muspelheim's barrier enough for Surtur to shatter it with the completed Twilight. Thor and the Korbinite warrior Beta Ray Bill banded Asgard's armies, the Avengers, Fantastic Four and US National Guard in warfare with dark elf and fire demon armies in Manhattan, while only the Asgardian gatekeeper Heimdall and Odin remained in Asgard's capital. As the fire demons set fire to Manhattan, Thor summoned a thunderstorm to put out the flames, which also created a rainbow, providing a passageway to Bifrost itself. Surtur left his armies on Earth to divert their enemies while he scaled Bifrost into Asgard, shattering the bridge behind him as he pressed forward.

Surtur easily defeated Bifrost guardian Heimdall at Asgard's gate, just as Thor caught up to him, but Thor was swiftly beaten. Surtur confronted Odin, this time overpowering him by summoning the Casket of Ancient Winters' power to Asgard, using all of its energy to freeze Odin i nice. Surtur seemingly uncovered the Eternal Flame and prepared to bathe Twilight in its fire, only to discover it was an illusion cast by Loki; Loki revealed himself and explained he had never intended to honor his treaty with Malekith. While Surtur raged through Asgard, trying to uncover the real Eternal Flame, on Earth the human Roger Willis reassembled the Casket of Ancient Winters, drawing its power back inside and thus freeing Odin. Flanked by Loki and Thor, Odin battled Surtur, but the Fire Demon used Twilight to form a portal into Muspelheim. Thor surmised most of Surtur's power lay in Twilight and disarmed him, granting Odin an opportunity to match Surtur's power. Odin finally dragged Surtur through the portal into Muspelheim and sealed it behind him, intending to spare Asgard from Surtur by personally ensuring he never left Muspelheim again.

However, the Ennead death god Seth soon found Odin in Muspelheim and kidnapped him, placing a band on Odin's wrist that concealed him from Surtur. Seth used Odin as a power source for his Black Pyramid in the Dimension of Death until Thor found and rescued his father. Removing the manacle, Odin transferred most of the Odinpower to Thor, charging him to combat Surtur. Surtur traced the Odinpower to Thor, and the two dueled, teleporting across the universe to locales such as Atlantis, Attilan and Rigel-7 before finally appearing in Asgard where Thor finally managed to knock Surtur unconscious. With that, Odin stepped in and absorbed Surtur into his body, considering it the perfect prison; however, over time Surtur asserted influence over Odin. Odin fought to keep Surtur in check and hoped to prevent Ragnarok by forcing Surtur into a battle against Ymir that would destroy them both. When Ymir attacked Asgard, Surtur seized control of Odin's form, but Odin retained some control over his actions, forcing him to attack Ymir. Surtur eventually shook off Odin's control, allying himself with Ymir, but Thor produced Twilight and tricked Surtur and Ymir into fighting each other for the opportunity to wield it, then cast them both into the Sea of Eternal Night where they were frozen in time, unable to bring about Ragnarok; Odin was released from Surtur's form as he was flung into the sea.

Much later, a medallion containing an essence of Surtur's power was discovered by a fisherman in Norway. The medallion quickly took control of him and forced him to sacrifice his life in a mystical ceremony to free Surtur from the Sea of Eternal Night and manifest on Earth. Surtur rampaged through Norway, but Odin battled him, unleashing powerful cosmic energies that seemingly slew them both. Surtur soon recovered, reappearing in Muspelheim. After Loki set Ragnarok into motion by fulfilling its prophecies, employing Surtur to forge multiple uru hammers to outfit his men, Surtur massed his fire demons for an assault on Asgard. Thor, having learned Ragnarok had occurred before, only for Asgard to be cyclically recreated due to Those Who Sit Above in Shadow's machinations, encouraged Surtur to complete his assault so the Asgardians could die noble deaths, asking only for Surtur to reforge his hammer Mjolnir, damaged earlier in battle. Surtur agreed, and his armies fought and slew many of Thor's companions before Surtur himself destroyed Asgard. However, the energies Surtur unleashed killed him as well. Surtur's soul journeyed to another dimensional afterlife where he was reunited with Odin, and the two began a never-ending battle, fighting and killing each other every day, only to regain their health to fight once more. Thor, having restored Asgard with the Odinpower, briefly visited the afterlife and aided Odin in defeating Surtur for one day.

Powers and Abilities


He can open interdimensional portals within the Nine Worlds. Surtur can alter his size and appearance and manipulate cosmic energy to project blasts of force, heat or flame. Surtur can also conjure a fiery sword.


Surtur is a master swordsman who sometimes wields the great sword Twilight. Surtur ie experienced in forging uru weapons.

Strength level

Surtur's physical powers are at godlike levels, lifting more than 100 tons and rendering him virtually immortal.


Surtur's only notable limitation is his weakness to ice and cold.