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While Bill and Stardust struggle with Asteroth, Alpha Ray attacks, and drives Asteroth into the black hole. Floating unconscious, Bill is transported someplace else, and entirely white place with no form, someplace beyond. The ones that exist there tell Bill that he is being rewarded, and they reunite him with Skuttlebutt. Bill asks to be transported to Asgard, and they are on their way. During the trip, the Meta-Orb becomes unstable and Bill has to get it off the ship. He crashed through the hull, and discovers that the have arrived at Asgard, or what's left of it. Everything is destroyed and in rubble, and Bill looks up in time to see the remains of Surtur come crashing to the ground. A short distance away, a dark form emerges from the Meta-Orb, and seems to be a demonic version of Bill. Bill goes to greet what he believes to be a Korbonite, only to discover that it's really Asteroth, who had sent part of her essence into the Meta-Orb during their battle earlier. She reveals that she fed on all the essences in the Meta-Orb, and enraged, Bill calls upon all the powers of Stormbreaker, and begins to pound relentlessly on Asteroth, screaming for her to die.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • Return to Asgard!

This is the issue that anyone who read Thor Disassembled MUST HAVE. As Beta Ray Bill returns to Asgard he finds himself in the company of celestial beings and the remnants of Asgard. What has Ragnarok done to the land of the gods? What will he find there? Will he find a final home for his people, or a burning hell!


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