Thor Odinson (Earth-8107)
The fabled Twins of the Gods.
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Come on, Goldilocks. You're not really serious about this Norse Gods stuff, are you? I mean, you're just another superhero like us, right?
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And your homeland, Asgard, that's just make-believe? Like Never Never-Land, right?
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Thor Odinson (Earth-8107)
"Never Never Land?" *chuckles* Nay, mortal. And behold, as my enchanted hammer reveals the wonders of the realm eternal.
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Appearing in "The Vengeance Of Loki!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Loki (First appearance)
  • Surtur (First appearance)
  • Ymir (First appearance)

Other Characters




  • Viking Ship
  • Artic Ship

Synopsis for "The Vengeance Of Loki!"

Iceman is called upon to help save a tanker, and in doing so discovers an ancient Viking ship frozen in ice. Thor arrives to help and is told of the ship, which bears one of the Twins of the Gods, power gems. Loki is the one who has been looking for the Twin, because he has the other one, and with both he becomes incredibly powerful. He banishes the heroes - Thor to the Desert of Despair, Iceman to Muspelheim, and Spider-Man and Firestar are trapped in the gems themselves. Iceman is rescued by Zerona, the queen of the Ice Giants. She agrees to help him find Thor, if he will help her defeat Ymir and regain her throne. He does so, but now her people want him as their king. Back on Earth, Loki has taken the form of Thor and unfreezes the Viking that was frozen with the ship. He then goes on a rampage against New York. In the Desert of Despair, Thor frees himself from Loki's trap and meets up with Iceman, and they return to Earth. There, Thor battles Loki, and frees Spider-Man and Firestar after he defeats him, banishing Loki to the Desert of Despair. Thor then apparently destroys the Twins of the Gods and returns to Asgard with Eric.


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Character Actor
ThorVic Perrin
LokiJohn Stephenson
Eric the RedJohn Stephenson
YmirJohn Stephenson
ZeronaJanet Waldo

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