"The Siege of Asgard, Intercepted"
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Siege Vol 1 3
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Quote1 Bob! Bob! Don't let them win! Bring it down! Bring it all down, Robert! Don't let them win! Quote2
-- Iron Patriot

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Synopsis for "The Siege of Asgard, Intercepted"Edit

The President has had enough and orders U.S. forces to attack H.A.M.M.E.R., while the heroes take care of Osborn and his teams. Thor faces off against Sentry, who stands up to his strongest blows. Osborn calls in reinforcements and the Initive arrives, but they don't seem to manage much. Speed whisks through Broxton, finally finding Tony Stark and bringing him his Iron Man armor. Osborn, not wanting to lose, tells Robert to bring down Asgard, and he begins flying through it, bringing it all crumbling down to the earth. Stripped of his Iron Patriot armor, everyone can see that Norman has totally lost it and had his face painted green underneath. He begins screaming and ranting that he was saving everyone, but now it's too late. Sentry has fully become The Void.


  • Also includes Maria Hill's transmission to the White House

    Solicit Synopsis:
  • THE MARVEL BLOCKBUSTER OF THE YEAR!! In the halls of Asgard and on the streets of small town America the entire Universe is gripped in a the greatest battle ever seen: SIEGE!! Lives have been lost! Lines have been drawn! And the battle for Asgard is in full force. The moment for revelations and life-changing moves is here, and for some, this will be the last choice they ever make in this world. What happens next is so epic, so historic, that it changes the entire dynamic of the Marvel Universe. You're gonna want to be there for this us.


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