"Secret Invasion part 1"
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Don Blake is with Marie, who is about to have her first baby, when some type of meteor hits Asgard causing a massive explosion. Blake heads to Asgard to see what happened. Balder shows him a body they found at the impact and Thor recognizes him as Beta Ray Bill in his mortal form. Bill gives Thor a message from the Skrulls, they are coming and the Asgardians must leave Earth. Balder and Thor help him to a bed and Thor flies into the skies to create storms to make the people in Broxton take shelter before the Skrulls arrive. While he is gone, Loki plants the seed of doubt in the Asgardians mind that Bill is not who he says he is. When Thor returns, he is just in time to stop them from killing Bill. Thor throws Mjolnir to Bill, who catches it and transforms to his Asgardian form, proving who he is without a doubt. Bill and Balder will lead the defense, while Blake heads back to Broxton to help deliver Marie's baby. By then, the Skrulls are over Asgard.


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