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Thor, Red, Thunderer, God of Thunder
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Odin (adoptive father); extended family via Odin.
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Norse Gods, Warriors of Valhalla
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Thunder God; former news camerman
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High school graduate

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6' 2" , (as Thor) 6'6"
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170 lbs (77 kg) , (as Thor) 640 lbs
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Appearance of Death


Roger "Red" Norvell was part of Harris Hobb's documentary crew smuggled into the Norse gods' realm, Asgard, by Loki, unwitting pawns in Loki and Hela's conspiracy to trigger the cataclysmic event Ragnarok. Smitten by the goddess Sif, Red made advances but was rebuffed. Red handled the rejection poorly, convinced he could not compete with Sif's lover Thor (Odinson). Seeking to steal Thor's essence, which Odin had copied into Jarn Griepr (Thor's Iron Gloves), Megingjord (his Belt of Strength), and the Fires of Geirrodur, so that another could be empowered were Asgard threatened in Thor's absence, Loki offered it to Red. However, Odin had outmaneuvered Loki; aware of his adoptive son's plot, and that prophecy dictated Thor's death during Ragnarok battling the Midgard Serpent, Odin wanted another Thor created to die in his son's place. Red donned the belt and gloves and entered the fire, emerging transformed into Thor's equal but mad with power. Red challenged and defeated the true Thor; when Thor refused to yield, Red fired a lethal energy bolt. Joey Burnett, the documentary's sound engineer, leapt between them ans was killed. Partially regaining his senses, Red told Sif he would spare Thor if she left with him. They traveled to Alfheim, where the kidnapped Sif gradually talked Red back to sanity. Realizing he would never win her, Red returned to Asgard to make amends, taking Thor's place battling the Serpent and dying: Red's spirit went to Valhalla.

Years later, when Odin and Thor became estranged, Odin restored Red's powers and gave him his own Uru hammer, Crusher, then renamed him Thor and resurrected him. Red became Asgard's protector, battling both the Hulk (Bruce Banner) and the giant wolf Hoarfen. When Thor returned to confront Odin, the two Thors came to blows, but Thor later gave Red his blessing, recognizing his bravery and acknowledging that both Asgard and Midgard needed their own Thor protecting them. Though Red's feelings for Sif remained, he accepted she would never love him, and they became friends.

To fool Ragnarok and prevent the Egyptian death god Seth from destroying them, Odin exiled the Asgardian gods to Earth in mortal form, unaware of their true identities. Red retained his memories, but lost his powers; however, when Thor regained his powers, so did Red. They reunited to find the missing Asgardians, but before they could, Thor seemingly died battling Onslaught. Red tricked down three lost gods before Seth's minions killed him. This time Red went to Seth's domain, falling under his power. When the Lost Gods traveled there, Red captured them, but they escaped and returned to Earth. Seth meanwhile learned how to restore the Asgardians' identities, and that if he destroyed the world tree Yggdrasil afterwards, all the Asgardians would die. Seth sent Red to carry out the first part, but when Red restored the Asgardians, he also resurrected himself, breaking Seth's hold. He hastily returned to Asgard and helped stop Seth. Seconds after Odin vanquished Seth, the extraterrestrial Dark Gods launched a sneak attack, capturing the Asgardians. Presumably freed when Thor later defeated the Dark Gods, Red's fate in light of the subsequent, seemingly final Ragnarok, remains unrevealed.

Powers and Abilities


Using his Uru hammer, he can control the weather, fly, teleport between dimensions, spin it to block projectiles, and fire bolts of energy.


He can mentally summon the hammer to his hand.

Strength level

Red possessed powers identical to Thor, notably superhuman strength (lifting over 100 tons) and durability; initially he needed both Thor's belt of strength and iron gloves to access this power, but this is no longer the case.



None; (formerly) Thor's belt of strength and iron gloves.


Red possessed a replica of Thor's hammer Mjolnir called Crusher.