Quote1 Our country is kicking off a new monster-making program that's going to push humanity out in two generations, and I'm the one you are coming after? Whatevs. Quote2
-- Red She-Hulk

Appearing in "Hell Hath No Fury, Part Two"Edit

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Synopsis for "Hell Hath No Fury, Part Two"Edit

Machine Man has tracked Red She-Hulk to the Virginia Echelon Facility, but when she comes out to attack he manages to drive her off. Following her to Annapolis, Minnesota, Betty meets with a young girl named Ellie who shows her some sort of apocalyptic future. Following her, Machine Man sees her with a stranger, who promptly disappears after Betty calls him Tesla. Machine Man manages to delay her long enough for the Avengers to confront her. Red She-Hulk fights them off and avoid them long enough to damage a bridge support, causing them to break off pursuit, letting her get away.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • The world’s most powerful female super human is CLASSIFIED!

• Red She-Hulk’s war on ALL superhumans continues! • Captain America has no choice but to hunt her down! • Will the newly redesigned X-51 need to use lethal force against her?


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