Information-silk Real Name
Pyreus Kril
Information-silk Current Alias
Information-silk Aliases
Nova Centurion
Information-silk Relatives
Information-silk Affiliation
Heralds of Galactus; formerly the Nova Corps
Information-silk Identity
Information-silk Citizenship
Information-silk Marital Status
Information-silk Occupation
Wanderer; former herald of Galactus, officer and starship captain for the Nova Corps.
Information-silk Education
Xandarian Nova Corps Academy

Information-silk Gender
Information-silk Height
Information-silk Eyes
Information-silk Hair
Information-silk Unusual Features
Firelord's "hair" is actually cosmic flame.
Information-silk Origin
Herald of Galactus
Information-silk Universe
Information-silk Place of Birth
Planet Xandar, Tranta System, Andromeda Galaxy
First appearance


History of character is unknown.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Imbued with the Power Cosmic, Firelord can gather, channel and manipulate large quantites of cosmic energy. He uses this power in the form of stellar fire surrounding his body, making him the equivalent of a miniature sun.
Firelord can project any form of energy possessed by a star, including heat, light, gravity, radio waves and charged particles. Firelord's cosmic fire can burn through almost any earthly substance, and he can control his cosmic fire's path to the point of projecting a sustained ring of fire at a fixed distance around a person or object.


Firelord can fly at near light speeds through interstellar space, and traverse hyperspace unaided.

Strength level

His Power Cosmic also grants him near complete invulnerability and superhuman strength sufficient to lift 50 tons.



Firelord wields a five-foot long staff, the ends of which are constantly ablaze with his cosmic flame. Firelord generally projects his cosmic fire through his staff, although he can project cosmic flame through any part of his body as well.



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