Quote1 I know your madness. Your life is battle, and nothing more. This world is your battlefield, and nothing else. The blood roars in your ears and the song of it plays in your heart. What began in pain and rage is now lost in that sound. You fight because you do not know how to not fight. Quote2
-- Thor

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  • Indonesian gun runners

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Synopsis for "Part Three"Edit

In Avengers Tower, Spider-Man talks to Black Widow about her letting the Punisher go and she tells him she made the better choice by saving the innocents. In Palu, Thor has arrived and interrogates one of the gun-runners to tell him where the Punisher last attacked his group. Before he can get an answer though, the Punisher arrives and blows up their truck. Giving chase, Thor chases the Punisher to a hidden airfield in the hopes of having Thor take them out for him. Thor obliges, decimating everything, including the Punisher himself. Thor knocks him out, then takes him elsewhere to have a talk. Thor offers him a beer and tells him that he DOES understand him, better than he thinks. He tells the Punisher that the Avengers will bring him in, if it's necessary, but he doesn't think it is. He tells Frank that his friend needs him, and that it is time to hang up his weapons. After tossing Frank the last beer, Thor flies back to Avengers Tower and reports to Captain America that he believes that Frank listened to him, but they will have to wait and see.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • The Punisher vs. Thor.


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