Olympus exists in a vast extradimensional pocket, and does not always follow Earth’s physical laws. It can be accessed through any number of portals, but several have particular significance. At Olympus’ south end, the Gates of Hell transport one to the Pathway of Infinity, which leads to Pluto’s realm of Hades. The underworld itself can also be reached through the Pit of Hades in Olympus proper, generally kept sealed on the Olympus end, though transport from Olympus to Hades through the Pit consists of a fall lasting several days. East from Olympus is the gate to Greece – this can be completed as a one day climb/descent of Olympus’ base, or a six day plummet from Olympus’ edge. Other temporary gates to Earth have been occasionally created by deities desiring them, but they require immense energies to maintain and are usually short-lived. To the west of Olympus are two dimensional bridges; on to an alternate Earth which serves as home to many of the Greek heroes as well as to Hippolyta’s Amazons, and one to the regions of Osa and Pelion, wilder, untamed areas where occasional rogue cyclopes and titans still roam, as well as some of the other more monstrous creatures from Greek mythology. Another gate exists in the western forests, this one a series of caves which connect to multiple realms; one cave exits in Asgard, at the mountains of Jotunheim (in fact, the ancestors of Jotunheim’s storm giants were rumored to have been driven from early Olympus).


Viewed from above, Olympus is a small but beautiful Grecian city built atop a mountain, climbing steadily as one moves north and peaking at the Eagle Seat. From the side, it looks something like a barbell standing on end, with a broad base where the gate to Earth lies, a steep mountainous climb through the barbell's “handle,” and with the city of Olympus placed on the top end of the barbell. A variety of “stars” and “planets” move above and around Olympus; a very few of these actually are inhabited by Olympian exiles (and other alien races), though interactions with the denizens of these are exceedingly rare. The giants Krokarr, Manduu and Y’Androgg have previously invaded Olympus from one of these planets. Olympus itself is populated by its deities and their descendants, by those who have been brought there to serve, and by a fortunate few allowed to live there (or who hide in the forests). While the majority of Olympus’ residents appear human, it is not uncommon to find centaurs, satyrs and nymphs within the city proper. Olympus’ worst criminals are confined to Hades, while lesser offenders might find themselves exiled to a neighboring realm.

Most of the elder deities of Olympus have their own temples, halls, or gardens, and the hall of Zeus houses the heavily guarded Temple of the Promethean Flame. A now-slain captive Titan originally served as its ward, but demigods Kratos and Bia now lead the Temple’s guards.

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