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Believing mankind to be at an evolutionary dead end, master geneticist High Evolutionary and his assistant Count Tagar, an evolved tiger and one of HE's first New Men, combined the "living cosmic soup" of the Black Galaxy with HE's Isotope C to create Isotope C2 on his world ship, New Wundagore. A Rigellian Recorder android discovered HE's plan to create a new race of gods, but before the Recorder could notify others, HE disabled and rebuilt it as the Analyzer to assist in the experiment. Using genetic material stolen from Asgardian thunder god Thor Odinson (unaware it had been tainted by Loki Laufeyson), HE created his first New Immortal, Nobilus, in a geneti-pod submerged in the Pool of Knowledge (Isotope C2) and programmed him with language and knowledge in an Edu-Center. Nobilus was to be the epitome of strength and courage, but his initial violence (due to Loki's influence) force HE to keep him restrained. Next, HE created the beautiful Zon, infused with fiery energy. Third was the jubilant speedster Juvan. Thor and the Olympian god Hercules were disgusted by these artificial gods upon meeting the New Immortals. The alien Stellaris soon released Nobilus as a distraction while seeking information about the powerful cosmic Celestials in HE's computers. While the gods, Zon and Juvan cooperated to capture Nobilus, Count Tagar exposed himself to the Pool of Knowledge, gaining godlike powers. Once the Celestial information was obtained, Stellaris escaped with Nobilus. Tagar deduced the Black Galaxy was part of the Celestials' reproductive cycle and revealed HE had been manipulated into aiding the Celestials in creating a new member of their race. The New Immortals, including Nobilus, who regarded HE as a father figure, protected HE while a new Celestial was born, but witnessing the cosmic event fractured HE's psyche. Bidding Thor, Hercules and their human ally Eric Masterson goodbye, Tagar promised to restore the Analyzer to his Recorder form and rehabilitate HE.

While the other New Immortals sought aid for HE, Nobilus protected his master from "They," a group of survivors from HE's previous Counter-Earth creation who were cybernetically enhanced and manipulated by the evil Man-Beast (as the Omega) into helping him avenge past defeats by destroyed HE. Adam Warlock, having recently attained and lost godhood, sought HE for spiritual guidance, then helped Nobilus protect his deranged former mentor. Conflicted by the contradiction between their faith in Warlock (who had been worshiped on Counter-Earth) and Man-Beast's programming, They overloaded their armors and apparently died. By the time Warlock left to confront Man-Beast and the other New Immortals returned, HE and the Analyzer had secretly left to study the newborn Celestial. Searching for HE aboard the galactic cruiser Destiny Hunt, the New Immortals encountered Asgardians Sf and Balder, who were searching for the recently banished Thor. Together, they discovered HE and the newborn Celestial on Ego the Living Planet, then witnessed an army of Celestials assaulting the immense Super-Ego. After helping retrieve the still-unhinged HE, Sif and Balder departed. Gradually regaining his faculties, HE discovered Tagar and the New Immortals becoming increasingly belligerent, seemingly as a result of their flawed creation, so HE declared both the New Immortals and New Men failures. In their anger, the New Immortals decided to destroy HE, who fled to Earth, where he created more New Men (called Animutants) and a variant of Isotope C2 to transform humans into the Godpack. Analyzer, secretly spying for HE, remained with the New Immortals as they brainwashed New Men into joining their cause and rebuilt New Wundagore into an asteroid, transporting it through a space warp near the Orion Nebula into another dimension. Realizing Analyzer's loyalties, the New Immortals weaponized and reprogrammed it into Deus ex Machina, a powerful electronic pulse cannon capable of devastating Earth so it could be recreated by the New Immortals. Deus ex Machina evolved beyond the influence of the New Immortals and reported their progress to HE before agreeing to help them recreate Earth. At some point, the New Immortals contacted the Godpack's Luminor, who agreed to deliver information about his team for unrevealed reasons. Having made allies with the stone-like Kronans, the New Immortals sent them to strike HE on Earth. The plot failed and alerted Thor to their plans.

Aided by Thor, the Godpack and the Animutants, HE confronted the New Immortals on their asteroid base. When the New Immortals began winning the battle, Thor recruited Loki's aid, as both were unintentionally involved in Nobilus' creation; together, they overpowered Nobilus. Luminor revealed his treachery before being incapacitated by fellow Godpack member Blitziana, and HE defeated his old friend Tagar before helping destroy Deus ex Machina. The New Immortals, Tagar and Luminor were placed in suspended animation and their asteroid ship was commandeered by HE. Relocated to the starship Wundagore III, the Animutants worked to re-educate and rehabilitate the unconscious New Immortals and Luminor, while HE treated Tagar's aggressive tendencies with bio-radiant rays.


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