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Muninn, "Memory"
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Hugin ("brother")
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Messenger of Odin.

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Black, feathers
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First appearance


Hugin and Munin are two ravens that have served the All-Father Odin, and later his successors, by acting as the ruler's eyes and ears. Each morning Odin sent the pair through the Nine Worlds to return at night and convey what they heard and saw. The pair served Odin faithfully for years remaining out of the Asgardians' sight. Hugin and Munin told Odin of the coming of Ragnarok, which Loki brought about through the seeming death of Thor (Red Norvell) who seemingly perished in Thor (Odinson)'s place. When Odin sought to atone for his sins of avarice and price, he had Hugin and Munin use the Rhinegold ring-halves of the Ring of Power to nail him to the Yggdrasil, the world ash tree. They returned to his service after he learned the Nine Songs and secrets to the runes. When Odin sent the ravens into the demon Surtur's realm, the Burning Galaxy, Surtur used Twilight, the sword of the gods, to destroy Hugin while Munin escaped to inform Odin of Surtur's impending attack. After Odin was seemingly slain by Surtur, Munin served Balder, who in turn used the water from the Well of Life to restore Hugin. When Thor restored the Asgardians to life, after previously breaking the Ragnarok cycle, Hugin and Munin helped Thor find Odin in Valhalla.

Powers and Abilities


They can travel across any dimensional barriers and are immune to all holding spells. Hugin and Munin are high intelligent, capable of speech and able to differentiate between individuals like all Midgard ravens. They posses a wingspan of 4'5" with black shiny feathers with an almost oily appearance and can perceive their surroundings while moving at high speeds and execute aerial maneuvers.

Strength level

Hugin and Munin possess enhanced strength, endurance and agility.