Mimir Burison (Earth-616)
Information-silk Real Name
Mimir Burison
Information-silk Current Alias
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The Far-Seeing Head of Mimir, Fiery Guardian of the Well of Wisdom, Grim Guardian of the Dark Well of Wisdom, All-Knowing Well of Fire
Information-silk Relatives
Buri (father); Unnamed mother; Bor, Njord (brothers)
Information-silk Base Of Operations
Mimisbrunnen (Well of Wisdom)
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6' 6" (at time of death)
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510 lba (at time of death)
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No Hair, White (originally)
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Though some legends note Mimir as the son of the giant Bestla (Odin's mother) or Bolthorn (Bestla's father) or even the brother of Bolthorn (and thus possibly the frost giant Ymir's grandson), Asgardian records note him as the son of Buri, first of the Asgardian gods. Some legends consider Mimir a water spirit, father to the rivers and brooks. In Asgard's dawn, Odin gave Mimir as a hostage during a truce with the rival Vanir gods tribe. For reasons unrevealed, the Vanir decapitated Mimir, sending his living, talking head back to Odin. In this state, Mimir possessed prophecy powers, so Odin turned Mimir into fire and made him into his advisor; according to legend, Odin carved runes into Mimir's head prior to this transformation. Mimir was based at Mimisbrunnen (the Well of Wisdom) at the root of the world tree Yggdrasil, forever loathing Odin for his treatment. Mimir nonetheless granted knowledge to Odin on occasion, but often for a high price.

In recent years, upon being summoned by Odin's vizier at Thor Odinson's request, Mimir revealed both the missing Odin's location and purpose in aiding the Ennead/Heliopolitan (Egyptian) gods in retaking their realm from the evil god of the dead Seth. When Odin vanished again (a prisoner and power source of the extraterrestrial Deonists), the Vizier again summoned Mimir, who refused to again reveal Odin's location without tribute; in actuality, however, Mimir was testing Thors honor, noting Odin to be in the Doomsday Star after Thor destroyed the "tribute," the ruby eye of the Mighty Dragon of the Realm Below, to save the Troll Empire. Later, in exchange for information on Ragnarok (the twilight of the gods), Mimir demanded Odin tear out his own right eye and cast it into Mimir's fires, after which Mimir proudly announced his limited information: Odin must consult the prophecy goddess Volla in Hel (the Asgardian afterworld). From Volla, Odin learned Balder's death would signal Ragnarok, enabling Odin to forestall the gods' end. Odin's eye apparently escaped Mimir and fled extradimensionally.

Mimir revealed to Thor lost memories of Earth's Eternals and the threat of Earth's destruction at the virtually omnipotent Celestials' hands, then tormented Odin during Thor's subsequent battles with Deviants and Eternals. When Odin transferred the Asgardians (save Thor)'s life forces into the Destroyer armor to oppose the Celestials, the gods' near death reduced Mimir to a dwindling flicker. Investigating the Asgardians' fate, Thor temporarily restored Mimir by feeding his flames the recovered eye of Odin, upon which Mimir revealed Odin's actions; Thor and the Earth goddess Gaea subsequently facilitated the Asgardians' recoveries, restoring Mimir as well. Mimir later advised Thor in opposing the Dark Dimension's ruler Dormammu (Nearly tricking Thor into causing Odin to forfeit his eternal struggle representing order against Dormammu's chaos); and counseled Odin to bring the Asgardians to Earth to maintain their vitality until they recovered the immortality-granting Golden Apples whose theft was arranged by trickster god Loki Laufeyson and war god Tyr. Years later, when Ragnarok approached, a manifestation of the Odinforce (Odin having apparently perished at Surtur's hands) led Thor to now vacant Mimisbrunnen, advising Thor ritual sacrifice was the true source of the knowledge gained at the well. Thor sacrificed both his eyes, upon which he frank of the overflowing waters, learning of the Asgardians' repeating life cycles; Thor subsequently allowed Ragnarok to occur, apparently destroying the cycles' perpetrators, Those Who Sit Above in Shadow, ending the Asgardians' existence as well. A reborn Thor later restored Asgard and many Asgardians, though Mimir's fate is unrevealed.

Powers and Abilities


Mimir possesses precognition and clairvoyance. He claims omniscience and is apparently beyond Odin's ability to harm, though he has demonstrated fear of harm from the likes of Thor on occasion, possibly just a ruse.

Strength level

Mimir's original form presumably had at least the standard Asgardian gods' abilities, including superhuman strength (Class 25-50), durability and lifespan.


Mimir's energies are tied to the Asgardian gods' existence; following their deaths (or even separation of their spirits from their bodies), his flames rapidly dwindle.