Quote1 Then again, when you're a ninety-pound woman dying of cancer... it does feel pretty good to punch god in the face. Quote2
-- Thor

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While Thor and Odin battle across the solar system, Freyja and the Asgardians stand against Cul and the Thunder Guard. In Alfheim, Aelsa is wed to Malekith, and as soon as it's official, the spell breaks and he has her thrown into the dungeon. Thor and Odin find themselves on Jupiter, where Thor channels the Great Red Spot to blast Odin. Back in Asgardia, Freyja tells Loki to find out who is powering the Destroyer, but he apologizes and stabs her in the back. All fighting immediately stops and Loki flees but is caught by Cul. Cul tells him that the Dark Council can destroy all the elves they want, but Asgardia is off limits. Odin takes Freyja, barely alive, into his chambers and seals himself in, leaving Cul in charge. Elsewhere, somewhere in space, unknown aliens are discussing their prisoner, who just a moment ago began screaming for his mother - the Odinson.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • Thor vs Odin. The biggest, meanest, bloodiest Thor/Odin showdown ever. And in the war for Asgard...there will be casualties.


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