Quote1 Change? Do you ask the Sun to change the way it rises? Odin is the Sun and the stars and the Moon and more. Odin is the way and the wrath and the wonder! Odin is he who speaks while galaxies obey! Odin is, was and will always be! None alive may say him nay! Quote2
-- Odin

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Synopsis for "The Trial of the All-Mother"Edit

Jane is falling and barely manages to touch Mjolnir before hitting the ground. Thor stands off against Malekith until they are stopped by Queen Aelsa, who wants to parlay with the Dark Elf. They head inside, leaving everyone else outside, when Laufey arrives. Inside, Malekith tells her that there can be peace if Aelsa marries him. She calls on her mages to cast Malekith out, only to find that they were an illusion created by the Enchantress. Together, they put Aelsa under a spell, and shortly she is announcing her coming nuptials to Malekith. Thor tries to talk sense into her, but it is no use and Malekith mentions the trial of Freyja going on in Asgardia. There, Freyja stands before Odin in chains, telling him to listen, see reason and accept change. While outside, Asgardians are forming an angry mob being held off by Cul, the Thunder Guard and the Destroyer. Things begin to turn ugly both inside and out. Just as Odin is about to sentence Freyja of treason, Thor crashes in and stops him. Then all hell breaks loose as Odin and Thor begin to fight.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • The path of the All-Mother and Asgard is torn apart by civil war, with Thor caught in the middle.

• Plus...the wedding of Malekith?


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