Quote1 I'm not the same frightened child you used to swat aside like a fly. I am the Loki who just slaughtered your greatest warriors with nothing but words. So tell me, father... are you going to continue wasting both our time with your trivial little tests... or would you like to see what a Loki can do to a Thor? Quote2
-- Loki

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Synopsis for "The War of the Elves"Edit

In Jotunheim, Laufey and his son Loki are talking a walk. Laufey tells him to walk through Bloodcicle Canyon and he will support Loki being admitted into the Dark Council. When he gets there, he is met by several Frost Giants, all looking to kill him. In Asgardia, Thor is fighting off the Thunder Guard, all of whom are armed with hammers and armor forged of Uru. They overwhelm her and just as Cul is about to cut off her hands, he is intercepted by Heimdall, who tells him that their battle does not belong on his bridge and sends Thor away. Cul arrests him for treason and has him commanded to a cell. Thor arrives in Alfheim, where she manages to stop some of the Dark Elves, all while being watched by Malekith and his War Witches. He is soon met by Amora the Enchantress, who has also joined their Dark Council. Malekith tells her that he has a specific job suited to her talents. Back in Jotunheim, Loki strolls out of the Canyon, having left the Frost Giants ripping at their own ears and screaming that they can still hear his voice. Having arrived in Alfheim, Laufey meets with Malekith to further their plans, meaning Loki goes to talk to Thor.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • The return of Loki!

• But for Thor, will he be friend or foe?


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