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Quote1 Welcome to the War of the Realms, you fools. And know... your bleeding has scarcely begun. Quote2
-- Malekith

Appearing in "Ljosalfgard's Burning"Edit

Main Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Ljosalfgard's Burning"Edit

In Flashback, we see Malekith come to Waziria in Nastrond Prison and has his guards throw in Algrim, back in his normal form and no longer Kurse. Waziria is shocked until Malekith stabs her in the back and infuses her with the power of Kurse. In the present, the League of Realms is fighting to reach Ljosalfgard to rescue the queen, but Malekith has other plans. He sets the castle and surrounding area on fire, kisses Aelsa and has Loki throw her over the balcony. As they take their leave, Malekith tells them that this is just the beginning.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • The War of the Realms has spread to every branch of the World Tree!

• Thor and the new League of Realms have fought valiantly to restore the peace, but the road is fraught with challenges they’d not anticipated. • Malekith has formed a wicked union of his own, calling on Loki and the all-new KURSE to take down Thor and her band of heroes!


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