Quote1 I name thee... Mjolnir, the thunder weapon. First among hammers. The breaker of all things. Quote2
-- Odin

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Mjolnir has hauled Jane to Omnipotence City. There she meets the Librarian, who tells her of the ancient God Tempest, a cosmic storm of unbridled power. Eons ago, this storm came to Asgard, where it battled Odin. Odin eventually prevailed and trapped the Storm in a hunk of Uru. He then took it to Eitri, and had them forge it into a weapon. They later presented a war hammer to him, and Odin discovered that the Storm was still trapped inside, unwilling to be tamed. Odin places several enchantments on it and soon forgot about it, until a young Thor discovered it. Mjolnir, then hauls Jane away again, but the Librarian tells himself that all such tales end the same way, with death and destruction.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • Forged from the mystical metal known as Uru, Thor’s Hammer is the key to a power that only the worthy can wield.

• But what makes one worthy to carry this weapon? Is it destiny? Or does the hammer choose its partner? • Discover the storied history of Thor’s greatest ally — The MIGHTY MJOLNIR!


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