Quote1 Thor is our warrior's spirit made flesh. Let the warrior that believes in a quiet life, in no danger, no adventure, and eternal existence strike Thor dead. I will even grant you my blade to do the deed. Let the quiet man among you stab our warrior's heart. I AM BALDER THE BRAVE AND I STAND AND DIE WITH THOR! Quote2
-- Balder

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In Asgardia, Thor demands his Doom Ring. In Limbo, the World Eaters are hunting Balder, but it is he who is really doing the hunting. After slaughtering the party following him, Balder is met by Bill and Kelda, who tell him that Thor needs him. Back in Asgardia, Odin demands reparations for being deceived out of Asgard-space. He demands that Thor be exiled, and to face judgment, Thor is lashed to the Doom Ring, an enormous stone to await the final decision. It is judged that Odin cannot be impartial, so he calls upon Amora the Enchantress to stand in his stead while he and Freyja head to Asgard-space to wait. Amora calls forth several people to speak to Thor's recklessness, but Hreidmar, Bill's father, Sif, and ultimately Balder. All assembled raise their voices to stand by Thor, who then shatters the Doom Ring, freeing himself. Afterwards, Thor wants answers from Odin, who once again says nothing and leaves for Asgard-space, continuing his self imposed exile. Freyja then tells Thor that she fulfilled her oath to Odin, and she is now with child.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • After all the blood and thunder that’s rocked the nine realms someone has to pay.

• It will probably be Thor – the only Asgardian brave enough to face...THE DOOM RING. • Who dares judge a god? Just wait and see who shows up...


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