Quote1 Loki. Listen to me: This is madness. This is insanity. All this blood and thunder, Loki. What has it ever done for anyone? Quote2
-- Leah

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Synopsis for "Part the Sixth: Everything Burns"Edit

In Muspelheim, Surtur has Loki and Leah trapped and is about to destroy them when Thor and the Einherjar arrive. But Surtur is too powerful, with all the Engel power cycling through him, but Loki (of course) has a plan. He and Leah head to Otherworld, where they convince Master Wilson how Surtur is using them. Convincing Wilson that the only way to stop Surtur is to break the link in the chain that is the Manchester Gods. Wilson agrees, and gives up their power, breaking the cycle. Everywhere, everyone speaks Loki's name, realizing that he is done something significant. With his power broken, Surtur is enraged and sends his Fire Demons to crush the Nine Worlds. Pulling forth the shadow of Twilight, Loki gives it to Thor and it merges with Mjolnir. But they realize that they cannot just kill Surtur, because the power within him will burn everything to ash if he is just killed, so Thor comes up with a trick. Just outside Asgardia, Freyja calls to Odin and offers him a bargain. Odin comes from Asgard-space and agrees to the bargain, but then sees that it is not Freyja, but Loki and Leah instead. But now that he is in the Earth realm, they need him to see what Surtur is doing. Thor is standing toe-to-toe with Surtur, and using the Mjolnir-enchanced shadow blade, shatters the Twilight Sword, and then runs it through Surtur's head, killing him. As Surtur starts to explode and his energy cascading outward, Odin stands in the way and absorbs it all channeling it into Asgard-space. Later, in Asgardia, Loki and Thor explain to the All-Mothers their plan and how they tricked Odin. But Asgardia remains. Back in Leah's cave, Loki arrives to find Daimon Hellstrom feverish and screaming. He tells Loki that Mephisto has claimed the Fear Crown. Loki starts to question how Mephisto found out about it, and notices that Ikol is gone. Leah tells him to stop pretending - Ikol has only ever existing inside his own head.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • The War against Surtur crushes Thor – literally!

• Hela and Loki make their move! • Can the All-Mother save the Nine Realms?


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