Quote1 The men of science say a great fire started everything. Surtur will ensure one ends all as well. Everything burns. Quote2
-- Surtur

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Synopsis for "Part the Fourth: A Dog and His Tricks"Edit

As Thor burns within Surtur, Loki has returned to Asgardia just in time to see the Manchester Gods begin coming through Yggdrasil. In Niffleheim, Heimdall and the Asgardians he came with are overcome by the power of the Engelfire and join the battle now on Surtur's side. Across all the realms, from Midgard to Nidavellir, Surtur's forces are proving victorious. In Asgardia, Sif tries to rally their forces only to be confronted by her brother leading the charge against them. Inside the command tent, Loki lets the secret loose that Volstagg had allied himself with Loki in the past during the war with the Serpent, much to the chagrin of Fandral and Hogun. In Muspelheim, Loki is speaking with Surtur, telling him how he is backing Surtur fully, and while Surtur rants about burning everything, Loki steals the shadow of Twilight, much like he did before. Contacting Thor, he then tells Thor to let the darkness win and draw him down. Leah is furious at Loki's treachery, but Surtur is not too concerned, and summons a creature to hunt Loki down - the Hel-Wolf.


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• Surtur’s forces reach Asgardia itself! • Thor -- trapped in the underworld! • The truth about Loki -- finally revealed!


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