I don't understand how this can be. I...I was Donald Blake. He was me.
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Donald Blake (Earth-616)
Don Blake
That's not the whole and simple truth of it though, Thor -- think about it. I had a lifetime of memories before finding the stick in the cave that transformed into Mjolnir -- and transformed me into you. Something about that last adventure of yours, though...something about your "death..." It freed me from the prison of you. And you...didn't even notice.
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Blake. I have been...there life is not simple or boring. And while it may pain you to hear it, you are not at the center of it.
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Donald Blake (Earth-616)
Don Blake
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Synopsis for "Sweet Dreams"Edit

In Asgardia, Thor continues to battle the Keep and Amora, when she points out the fourth member of this little gettogether - the severed head of Don Blake. In Marelock, Hreidmar addresses the All-Mothers informing them of what is going on, when Jeff Fischer goes to sleep again, only this time he finds himself in a great hall before the entire assembly of the Mares. Thor talks to Don and Thor realizes exactly how much Don being Thor meant to him. Enraged, Thor attacks Amora but is knocked back by the Keep. Thor hurls Mjolnir through the middle of the Keep, but the whole heals almost instantly. In Marelock, the Mares tell Jeff how they came to be imprisoned and they want to know if that is how they are treated, why should they allow anyone to live. Jeff explains that dreams are what make people great, that despite his life being completely horrible, it's his dreams of a better life that keep him going. Back outside, Thor continues battling the Keep when the All-Mothers arrive, turning the tide. They tell Thor to "remove this trash.", which Thor only too gladly does by caving in a portion of ceiling on them both. He then collects them both and hurls them over the edge of Yggdrasil. As he does so, the other Asgardians begin to awaken. Later, Thor tells the All-Mothers that the Mares truly do want peace. They want a voice in the parliament and a presence, and to ensure the peace they granted Thor a boon, and created an entire dream world for Don Blake to live out in pure bliss. Back in Broxton, Jeff returns home and as his father begins screaming at him, Jeff tells him that he doesn't get to hit him or his mom anymore, and then walks right by him and goes lay down in his bed, dreaming of his best friend Cyrus and the Deconsecrator.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • Enchantress and her Keep run riot...and no one stirs to stop them!

• And if that’s not enough...who dares stop the Deconsecrator! • How can the Nine Realms escape a nightmare with no end?


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