Quote1 Tanarus. Why can't I see you, Tanarus? How do you do it? Why? Answer me. WHO ARE YOU? Quote2
-- Heimdall

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In the unnamed realm where gods go to die, Thor is beginning to remember and frees himself. He then begins to free the other two gods who are trapped in the ship with him. In Asgardia, Freyja asks Heimdall what he sees. He tells her that he sees death, and that assassins come for her and the other All-Mothers. When she asks who it is that he sees, Heimdall is stunned to realize that he cannot see who it is, but also realizes that there is someone he cannot see. He goes inside and confronts Tanarus about why he cannot see him. Tanarus beats Heimdall down, and then leaves, but in the melee, Heimdall notices a strange necklace around Tanarus' neck.

In the desert outside Asgardia, Loki and the Silver Surfer are staring at the hammer Mjolnir trying to determine what it is and who Thor is. Loki dares the Surfer to pick it up, but he cannot. He tells Loki to help him and even together, they are unable to budge it. In the death dimension, Thor is simultaneously feeling what the Surfer and Loki are doing. Suddenly, Mjolnir streaks skyward. The Surfer follows close behind, but Mjolnir disappears into some sort of warp that he cannot follow. Thor senses something coming to him, when Mjolnir bursts through the side of their ship, and Thor remembers everything.

Back in Asgardia, the Congress of Worlds is being held with the representatives of each world introducing themselves. The All-Mothers are concerned with Heimdall's absence, and Tanarus reassures them that Heimdall would know if he were needed. In the Troll Kingdom, Geirrodur and Karnilla are overjoyed with their success so far in getting Ulik (disguised as Tanarus) so close to the All-Mothers without their sensing it. While they are distracted, neither of them notice that Kelda has discovered them. In Broxton, Erik Solvang pays a visit to Don Blake, offering him the use of a cane that he no longer needs, telling him that Jane mentioned to him that Don was now lame and lost his cane. Don, acting extremely jealous and paranoid, asks of Jane told Erik that while they were in bed together, and storms out. Thor, having recovered fully, completely frees the other two gods, and leads them to free others and to fight against Demogorge.


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• THOR struggles to free himself before the DEMOGORGE consumes him and a starship full of other fallen gods! • What did Loki and the Surfer find in the desert and how can it help a god no one can remember?


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