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Magni Thorson
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Lord Thor (father); Amora (mother)
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God of Strength

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After Asgardian thunder god Thor Odinson was separated from his contemporary human host, Jake Olson, and Asgardian monarch Odin apparently died battling the fire demon Surtur, Thor claimed Asgard's throne and the Odinpower. The humanity-protecting Spirit of the Jewel had premonitions of Thor becoming corrupt after losing Olson's humanity, and of Thor and Amora the Enchantress' son, Magni, rebelling against Thor. Seeking to guide humanity to better lives, Thor transported an Asgard facsimile over Manhattan, populated by the Asgardian race. However, a war with distrustful humans destroyed both cities, which were later rebuilt into a single city named New Asgard. After rejecting his humanity, Thor became unworthy to wield his hammer, Mjolnir, and instead told everyone it was lost. As Thor became less humane, especially toward Earth, Thor's former allies came to resent his rule and attempted a coup; when light god Balder threatened to kill the infant Magni if Thor refused to surrender, Thor's adoptive brother, mischief god Loki Laufeyson, slew Balder. Later, though banished for openly disagreeing with Thor, Thor's former lover Sif, the hunt and harvest goddess, occasionally sneaked into New Asgard to leave Magni gifts, becoming his secret confidante over time. As an adult, Magni developed great moral strength and character. When he met Jordahl, a human female arrested for robbery as well as befriending time-displaced Asgardian Thialfi, Magni became instantly enamored with Jordahl. Magni helped Jordahl escape Loki's interrogation and return home, but Loki uncovered their deception and informed Thor, who disapproved of Magni's infatuation with a human. Joining a mission to quell a rebellion against Asgardian rule in Spain, Magni prevented the Warriors Three from exterminating a village and risked his life to save a suicide bomber; Thor was again disappointed with Magni's mercy. Magni discovered Thialfi shared his concern over Asgard's earthly dominion but quickly dismissed their mutual thoughts as treasonous. Meanwhile, Loki visited Jordahl disguised as Magni, imprisoning her in his Arizona Reconditioning Center where he magically purged her memory and feisty personality to stop her opposition to Thor's rule.

Rescuing Jordahl, Magni took her to Sif's remote mountainside home for safekeeping, but discovered Loki's mind-wipe was irreversible. Feeling Thor's efforts to improve humanity were misguided, Magni concluded Asgardians no longer belonged on Earth, but he did not publicly protest. Seeking to solidify his position as Head of World Security, Loki secretly orchestrated an assassination attempt against Thor, which left a seemingly traitorous Thialfi dead and several of his human allies, including Thor's former ally Scarlet Witch's daughter Kya, facing execution. Enraged upon returning to New Asgard, Magni tried to halt the executions, but Kya stopped him, knowing her life-force could lead d Magni to Mjolnir. After being deemed worthy, Magni used Mjolnir to teleport to the true Asgard and saw the great suffering of those Thor left behind. Magni returned to New Asgard and challenged Thor to prove his worthiness by lifting Mjolnir. The Spirit of the Jewel's servant, the god-slaying Desak, who awoke with Mjolnir's recovery, attacked New Asgard, desiring Thor's death for his corrupt Earthly rule. Wanting to prevent New Asgard's destruction, Magni toppled a building on Desak and was nearly killed by the Spirit of teh Jewel, who now considered all Asgardians a threat to humanity. Taken from the battlefield by Sif and Amora, Thor healed Magni with the Odinpower. Finally realizing his mistakes, Thor used time-traveling technology to return to the past to prevent his younger self from repeating them.

Powers and Abilities


Magni is skilled in armed and unarmed combat.

Strength level

As the god of strength, Magni has vastly superhuman strength, lifting 100 tons. and durability.



Magni rides a chariot drawn by a winged horse.


Magni's battle-axe apparently controls weather and possibly allows unaided flight. Wielding Mjolnir, Magni can fly by throwing it and grasping its leather strap, command Mjolnir to return to him if thrown, and open dimensional portals through time and space.