Quote1 Over all the millennia, only you have ever loved me, Thor, only you have ever looked at me with affection in place of condescension. Why, then, am I killing you, and not the others? Because you stopped. Quote2
-- Loki

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Synopsis for "Loki, Part Four"Edit

Loki puts up with Farbauti, and has his guards keep her out of the way. After dodging multiple supplicants, he is met by Daia, the concubine sent by Karnilla to Loki. He avails himself of her, and when he awakes, he is met by Hela. Loki reveals his epiphany to her, he plans to spare Thor and cheat the fates of their intended destiny. He goes to the gallows where Thor was to be executed and tells them to begin deconstructing it, but Thor has broken free. And before Loki can do anything about it, Mjolnir comes crashing down upon him.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • The conclusion to the epic adventure that dares you to see Asgardian legend through the eyes of Loki! You knew it was coming. Thor's free and he's ready to bring pain to his ne'er-do-well scheming brother. Or does Loki have a few more tricks up his sleeve?


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