Information-silk Real Name
Loki Laufeyson
Information-silk Current Alias
Information-silk Aliases
Gunnar Golmen, Trickster
Information-silk Relatives
Odin (Earth-1610) (adoptive father), Thor (Earth-1610) (half-brother)
Information-silk Alignment
Information-silk Citizenship
Asgard with criminal record
Information-silk Occupation
God of mischief; posed as scientist

Information-silk Gender
Information-silk Height
6' (variable)
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Asgard's god of mischief, for over a millennia Loki has delighted in plaguing his half-brother Thor and other Asgardians, finding ways to disrupt their lives and plans, seemingly just for the sake of it. Despite losing to Thor every time the pair have come into conflict, Loki has always returned to torment the thunder god; around 300 years ago their previous disagreement ended with Loki locked away within the Room Without Doors as punishment for his many crimes. Loki spent his incarceration plotting his revenge against Thor, finally escaping quite recently. Learning Thor was on Earth spreading a message of peace amongst humanity on Odin's behalf, Loki followed him to Midgard (the Asgardian name for Earth). Though afraid to act too openly for fear of alerting Odin to his whereabouts, Loki began making subtle alterations to reality designed to poison humanity against Thor, taking advantage that most people viewed Thor's claims of godhood skeptically, and he allied himself with factions in various countries afraid of the US-controlled Ultimates, assisting their super-soldier programs in creating the Liberators. When Volstagg the Voluminous contacted Thor to warn him of Loki's escape, Loki amused himself by letting Volstagg deliver the missive, then made Volstagg disappear midway through the conversation when Thor was looking elsewhere, and wiping the memory of Volstagg's presence from all other witnesses, thus convincing them that Thor was delusional and had been talking to himself. Thor's attempts to warn his associates in the Ultimates that Loki was working against them all fell on deaf ears, simply hardening their conviction that Thor was insane.

Later, aware Thor was watching over a peaceful protest march against the European Defense Initiative's super-soldier program, Loki made the police fire tear gas into the crowd, starting a riot; as expected, Thor entered the fray to protect the protesters, and ended up displayed on international television attacking police. Loki then assumed the identity of Gunnar Golmen, supposedly the brother to Thor's mortal identity of Thorlief Golmen, inveigled himself into the European Defense Initiative, altered records to show that Thor's powers were technological and stolen from the EDI, and made SHIELD's commanding officer Nick Fury believe this was something he had known for some time. Fully convinced that Thor was dangerously delusional and encouraging violence against democratically elected governments, the Ultimates and EDI super-soldiers launched a coordinated attack, capturing Thor. Loki taunted his imprisoned brother, insisting he bore no malice but was simply playing their eternal game. In preparation for the Liberators' invasion of the USA, their spy within the Ultimates abducted Hawkeye and murdered his family; Loki altered hidden security camera footage to make the killer appear to be Captain America, thus ensuring another potential Liberator foe was discredited and arrested. A few days later the invasion began, with Loki observing and enjoying the chaos as the Liberators swiftly subdued America's superhumans and occupied its cities. However the Ultimates swiftly rallied, slaying most of the Liberators, and Thor, freed by Odin, confronted Loki as he was about to take personal action against his mortal foes. Unable to fool Thor with illusion, Loki unleashed the monsters of the Nine Worlds against the Ultimates, but Thor countered by summoning the Rainbow Bridge, which brought Asgard's warriors to defeat the trolls, dragons, giant wolves and Jotun. Desperately Loki tried to convince Thor his actions had all been a joke, the act of a jealous brother trying to make their father smile on him, and asking Thor to see the funny side; Thor immediately smashed Loki's head in with Mjolnir, apparently slaying him.

Powers and Abilities


Loki can alter reality at whim, though there are unspecified limits to how much he can change, especially if he wishes to remain unnoticed by his fellow gods. He can teleport instantly across the globe, and his description of Earth being a "3-D realm" suggests he (and perhaps other Asgardians) are used to perceiving and living in more.

Strength level

He possesses superhuman strength due to his Asgardian/Jotun heritage, but no on par with Thor; he is also superhumanly durable, his natural godly resistance to injury enhanced by his reality warping abilities.