Quote1 T'was I who slew the dragon Fafnir -- proofing me 'gainst all mortal harm. But 'tis plain you have some magic of thine own -- for they bewitching gaze doth compel noble Sigurd to get thy digits... Quote2
-- Sigurd

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Sigurd climbs to the top of a mountain in Tibet to meet with Kaluu, a dark magician. Sigurd wants off his destined path and be reincarnated into another religion. Because waiting for him is Valhalla, which means Valkyries, ones who want to torture him forever. To do this, Sigurd has broken into Loki's apartment and stolen Gram. But Verity is with him and sees right through his invisibilty tech that he was wearing. Loki and Sigurd fight, and after taking it outside, Sigurd appears to kill Loki. After Sigurd and Kaluu sign a contract, "Kaluu" reveals himself to in reality be Mephisto, who now owns Sigurd's soul. But Mephisto himself has been duped. While he was talking with Sigurd, Loki had switched the contracts with one of his own and all three have signed it. Mephisto is defeated and vanishes, but not before telling Loki that he knows his little secret about killing his younger self. Loki in turn, has Sigurd transported to Asgardia, where he is taken away to the dungeon in chains. Back in Loki's apartment, he is putting together a team to break into that same dungeon and discover the truth of what the All-Mothers are doing. To do this, he's putting together a team of Verity, Lorelei and his brother Thor.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • Ancient hero Sigurd wants his magic sword back from Loki... The All-Mother wants Sigurd back from Midgard...

• ...and Loki wants to put a crew together for a caper that’ll rock the nine realms. • Somebody’s going to get what they want.


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