Quote1 I have wasted enough precious time on fools without ears! Look to your hearts, if you have such! To your blood and your bones and the omens in your skies! For I tell you only the truth that lies there -- that the saga of the ten realms ends today! Quote2
-- Odin

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Synopsis for "Born One Morning and the Sun Didn't Shine"Edit

While Odin dreams, he travels to a forgotten place and is met by Those Who Sit Above in Shadow, who tell them that the Asgardians now have a new Ragnarok. He awakens and rushes to the Congress of Worlds to tell them, but they will not hear him and ridicule him for interrupting them for a dream he had. He storms out of the chamber and when he tells Freyja, she basically tells him he is being a fool, all while King Loki watches. On Earth, Loki is in Verity's apartment admiring himself while she is in shock trying to figure out who this Loki is. He tells her that he is an all-new Loki and is now the God of Stories. While dressing, he changes into a woman, shocking Verity. While they continue their discussion, the last incursion begins, and looking outside they see all the assembled heroes in action. They continue their discussion, with Loki dropping not-so-subtle hints that Verity is extremely special and might have stories beyond the end of everything. In Asgardia, Heimdall watches all, reporting that enemies from every realm are massing for an attack, since there is apparently nothing to lose. Odin and Freyja tell him to keep watch, while Freyja tells Odin that since they cannot locate either Thor, she has something special she's held in reserve. In Hel, King Loki has arrived to make a deal with Hela. He wants to release Jormungand from the depths. Balder arrives to try and stop him, but King Loki beheads him with a sickle made of mistletoe. Back in Asgardia, Freyja leads Odin down into the dungeons to show him her secret, a vast store of mortal weapons. While outside, King Loki rides Jormungand to assault Asgardia, leading an army of the dead.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • As the Ten Realms face their last hours, ancient enemies march on Asgardia seeking a final vengeance...

• ...including King Loki - meaner, madder and more dangerous than ever before! • Meanwhile - what’s happened to our Loki? Has the end come early for everyone’s favorite trickster?


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