Quote1 Now. Since your story is the only one that matters, I think it's time I told it to you. The story that turns you into me. The story of why you can never be anything but me. Sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin... Quote2
-- King Loki

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  • Hogun's mace


Synopsis for "Turn Away and Slam the Door"Edit

In Asgardia, Loki is on his knees before the assembled Asgardians, begging them that it wasn't him. Hogun wants to kill him, but Volstagg tells them that their Loki is dead, and so they turn their backs to him. Loki wanders off and comes across a raven. Entering the throne room, he finds Freyja. He is furious at her, that his fate is what they wanted, so that they can have a future. She banishes him from Asgardia to some windswept plain. Below, in the dungeons, she goes to see Old Loki, only to find him gone. Traversing the snow, Loki comes across Odin, who tells him that he is loved, but he must be true to himself and to remember what a lie is. Engulfed in a burst of flame, Loki is transported to his apartment on Earth. Verity asks him where he's been, and Loki tells her that he is an oucast now. Old Loki arrives and introduces himself to her, and tells her all about Loki's crimes and what all he's done. Furious at what all he's done, Verity tells him that she is done with him and walks out. Old Loki then snaps his fingers, putting Loki bound and gagged into a chair, and begins to tell him all about themselves.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • Loki faces the punishment of the Gods! Have his sins found him out at last?

• Featuring: the pain of Volstagg! The verdict of Sif! The fury of Freyja! The strange wisdom of Odin! • And in the midst of all this drama... where’s King Loki?


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