Aliases: Karkas
Universe: Earth-616
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good

First Appearance: Eternals Vol 1 8


Karkas was born to the race of Deviants, an evolutionary offshoot of humanity which is cursed with an unstable genetic code causing random characteristics to crop up with every generation. In a never-ending attempt to stabilize their genetic destiny, Karkas's mother underwent involuntary experiments in the Breeding Pits. The experiment was a failure and her new-born son was more monstrously mutated than the norm. Labelled a "mutate," Karkas was sent to the Arena to be raised as a gladiator until he reached the legal age of extermination. Although his heavily-hided body could resist extremes of punishment, he never had any special inclination to become a fighter. Thus he did the minimum required of him as a gladiator to permit is continued existence. Meeting his fellow Mutate, the human-looking Ransak, in the Arena, Karkas was freed from Deviant slavery when Eson the Celestial destroyed the City of Toads. Karkas and Ransak were taken into custody by the Eternal named Thena, and were permitted to dwell among the Eternals of Olympia for a time, taking advantage of enlightened cultural opportunities for the first time.

Powers & Abilities:
His thick hide can withstand concussive forces up to those of a small anti-tank missile before sustaining serious injury. His recuperative poewrs are about twice that of human beings. His speed and reflexes, however, are only about 75% that of the average human male. His enlarged cranial cavity and brain tissue afford him slightly above-average mental capacity: he has great learning abilities and total recall. He is capable of lifting about 25 tons.


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