Quote1 I think he has made a noble religion of loneliness. But his love will follow you. Quote2
-- Sif

Appearing in "Seeds of Destruction, Part Two"Edit

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Synopsis for "Seeds of Destruction, Part Two"Edit

After Skuttlebutt crashes into the station, Bill frees Sif from some wreckage and they catch up. Bill tells Sif that a strange ship intercepted them and kidnapped Ti Asha Ra. After following the ship for days, it suddenly made a sharp turn and headed straight for the station. Sif finds the body of Ti Asha Ra, having apparently been killed in the crash. A strange haze seems to be coming over their minds, as Sif suddenly remembers Gaea and what she was supposed to be doing.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • After the devastation of last issue, death and destiny come crashing down in deep space.

• Can the burly Beta Ray Bill and the scorching Sif deny their fiery past? • Do they want to?


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