Quote1 I have never talked to a vegetable in my life. Except for Thor. Quote2
-- Sif

Appearing in "Seeds of Destruction, Part One"Edit

Main Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • None

Other Characters:

  • Seid Woman
  • Mrs. Howe
  • Mrs. Howe's son




Synopsis for "Seeds of Destruction, Part One"Edit

While Sif visits with Gaea in her garden, she suddenly takes ill. Taking advice from Jane Foster, Sif gets Iron Man to let her use the Avengers Deep Space Monitoring Station to isolate Gaea in the hopes of finding what is wrong with her. While monitoring transmissions, she comes across a mayday from Beta Ray Bill, who is his girlfriend.


I absolutely LOVE Valerio Schiti's artwork. His expressiveness in the face of Sif is perfect.

Solicit Synopsis:


BETA RAY BILL RETURNS! • After her most recent (mis?)adventures, Sif‘s working on getting her, let’s just call them feelings...under control. • However, when a certain hammer-wielding, space-faring ex shows up...all bets are off!


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