Quote1 To think of my beloved Asgardia falling again and again was to have my chest pried open and my bloody, pulpy heart laid bare. But it was hubris to think that I alone felt that way. That I alone could swing the balance against our enemies once and for all. That is the source of my weakness. But Asgardia is, and must always be, the source of my strength. And I am not alone. We none of us are. Quote2
-- Sif

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Just outside Broxton, two women are driving and talking about their love lives, when the severed head of Heimdall hits their car, filling it with sand. In Asgardia, Sif knew that was not her brother as he has never spoken to her with any form of affection. It was another monster. Inside, they are met by the realm Heimdall who tells them that it was not he who opened the Bifrost for them. So Sif ordered Pizza delivery for her men, and then goes to see Aerndis about what she did. Aerndis tells her that there was no spell at all, she just gave Sif permission to unleash herself. Aerndis shows Sif the last bit of the Black Lake, and it wants to rejoin itself. Heimdall enters and tells Sif that one of her men is in Broxton, tearing things up. Sif and the other two arrive to find Svip having unleashed the rest of the Black Lake, where it is attacking the citizens. Svip doesn't like this new Asgardia, and was happier back on the island where he had killed the rest of his men. As people are drawn through the portal to the island, Bodvar and Einhar follow to protect the regular people as Sif deals with Svip. Having let the portal close, Svip tells her that now he and she are stuck on this side, but Sif takes the small part she got from Aerndis and forces it down Svip's throat, opening up one more portal to pull Svip back to the island. Heimdall is elated that Sif did not follow him through and has chosen to stay. Later, Heimdall and Aerndis opened a portal to the island to rescue the people as well as Bodvar and Einhar. Elsewhere, Sif is learning about snowball fights with the kids of Boxton, telling them that she's never been happier.


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• Sif battles to contain one of her Berserker pals’ murderous rampage..! • Can she come to terms with her new abilities and serve Asgard...? The GUT-RIPPING CONCLUSION!!


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