Quote1 I thank you for opening the Bifrost for our passage. But that is all I thank you for... BROTHER. Quote2
-- Sif

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In New York, a man plans on committing suicide by jumping out his office window, but winds up being caught up in the fight between Sif and her Berzerkersd and the King of the Spider-Men. Spider-Man (now Dr. Octopus) doesn't want their interference in his city. They agree to put aside their differences until they determine of the King is alone or not, and he is defeated. Fighting her way to the roof, Sif discovers that there is a small army of Spider-Men there and takes them all out. Finding her there, Spider-Men is impressed and begins hitting on her. Sif finds it amusing, but dismisses him.

Around the world, other monsters are appearing including Gomdulla, Emperor of Mars, and Rro among others. After defeating the King in New York, Sif wants a cab driver to drive her and the Berzerks to Broxton. He tells them no, but does give them his phone. Sif calls the bar in Broxton and has them deliver a message to Asgardia telling Heimdall to open the Bifrost. Upon arriving at the gates, Sif confronts her brother Heimdall and beheads him.


I am SO in love with this book. It's so much fun and a great read, carrying on the great tradition of Kid Loki under Kieron Gillen earlier. If you are a fan of Thor, or just a fan of good reads, I can't recommend this title highly enough.

Solicit Synopsis:

  • -• Guest starring the Superior Spider-Man + a collection of -superstars from the MU firmament!

• Ancient Viking Monsters? Eerily Familiar Freaks? Whatever they are, they’re invading Midgard! • Sif and her three hench-Berzerkers slither back to Earth in time to help put down this new assault. But can the berserkers keep their bloodlust in check...?


In the Broxton Sporting & Social Club, the classic Thor cartoon from the 1960's can be seen on the television.

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