Quote1 That is... FANTASTIC. What are we killing next?! Quote2
-- Sif

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Synopsis for "Stronger Than Monsters, Part Three"Edit

Exiled to an unknown land by her brother Heimdall, Sif battles an enormous creature and kills it by herself, hacking at it until it is dead (and a little more). She is then attacked by the Berzerkers, but beats them off as well, and she learns that they are of Asgard as well. In Niffleheim, Aerndis' body climbs out of the hole, and meeting Heimdall, he gives her head back to her. Putting it back on, they discuss Sif and what she has become. They discuss the gate that has been broken to that land by Heimdall sending her there, and that the Black Lake has begun to seep through. Back in the hidden land, Sif learns that they were part of a group of one hundred Asgardians that took part in the berzerker spell that Sif recently did, and volunteered to be banished to this land to fight off the monsters like the one that Sif just killed. Excited to be in a place of battle, Sif wants to know where the largest monster is and heads straight for it. In an enormous black lake, she dives right in, and the others follow her down. A spell is then broken, causing the black lake to drain out and rain down on New York where they have caught the attention of the Superior Spider-Man.


I am absolutely LOVING this Sif!! I really like these new Berzerkers, and now Sif has her own "Warriors Three", and I bust out laughing when one of them doesn't believe she's really a woman and pokes her in the boob, and the look on her face is priceless!!!! MAJOR kudos to Kathryn and Valerio!

Solicit Synopsis:

  • • Lady-like? There’s no lady like SIF! Spoiling for a fight since the day she was born, Sif makes her OWN action!

• Exiled to a forgotten island, things heat up when our heroine falls in with a group of brutal Asgardian savages! Whatever is a lady to do?! • Why, join them in their millennia-old battle against monsters of course!


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