Quote1 My Lord, I bring you a legion of Asgard's bravest and best from all eras. I bring you men who will not burn. We of Valhalla wish to fight. Quote2
-- Kelda

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Trapped inside the essence of Surtur in Muspelheim, Thor sinks further and further into darkness. In Asgardia, the assault continues and is led by Gullveig and Heimdall. Volstagg goes to leave to see the All-Mothers and Fandral and Hogun, no longer trusting him, question where he is going. He tells them that he is indeed ashamed for acting with Loki, but he is their king and they do not get to judge him. Just outside Hel, Loki, Thori and Ikol are trying to lose their pursuit and learn that it is Hel-Wolf that is tracking them. Thori tells Loki to give him his glove and he will lead Hel-Wolf away. Touched, Loki does so and hides inside a small hole while Thori leads Hel-Wolf off the scent. Elsewhere, Hela and Tyr converse as to current events and Hela summons Brün and her sisterhood to prevent any trespassers from entering her realm. Inside Asgardias dungeon, Volstagg goes to pardon the All-Mothers, but they refuse and tell him that it will only turn the Asgardians against him all the more. They give him advice though, endure. Thor and Loki are the only hope they all have. He only has to ensure that there is an Asgardia to save. Back outside Hel, Loki finally crawls out of the hole only to be pounced on by Hel-Wolf. Thori led him straight to him. Loki is rescued though by Garm and the Dísir. As Garm and Hel-Wolf battle, Göndul transports Loki and Ikol away, straight to Hela. Hela tells Loki that she understands the situation, and transports Loki back in time, to Dark Asgard just before its fall. There, he writes in the same book that he did before, only this time, he rewrites Leah's story so that she is free to have the life she chooses. So now, she is free to choose to save Loki, and blasting Surtur, she and Loki flee only to be cornered by Surtur. Back in Hela's throneroom, the newly dead Thor arrives and finds Hela ready to empty Hel in order to stop Surtur. By her side stand Bill and Kelda ready to fight by Thor's side.


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    Solicit Synopsis:

• With the nine realms aflame and Asgardia besieged on all sides, a desperate Loki journeys into the heart of Surtur’s fiery kingdom to...parlay?


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