Quote1 Think. Everything I've done. Forget the reasons. Think of what I've actually done. I killed my brother. I released Surtur. I brought down Otherworld. I... basically, I stabbed a knife into the back of anyone who crossed my path, and had them thank me for it. Quote2
-- Loki

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In Niffleheim, Loki tells Thor that he has a plan, to sneak into Muspelheim and find "what wrench of monkeys" needs to be thrown into Surtur's plans. After sneaking in through a portal in Outworld, my shadowy figure of Leah is waiting for him. In Asgardia, the newly crowned King Volstagg tells the people of Asgardia that they will all fight for their future. Back in Muspelheim, Loki is confronted by Leah, whom he thought dead. She tells him that she is not the same Leah that he had known, she is the Leah that he had written into the Serpent's history[1] so that Thor could slay him. Bitter at being left behind and forgotten, she fully intends to kill him, until he tells her that she should take a closer look at all of his actions recently. Convinced, Leah agrees to help Loki trick Surtur. As the night before the battle begins, Volstagg's thoughts weigh heavily on him, having never been a king before, he tries to live up to all it means, for him and for all of Asgardia. In Muspelheim, Leah and Loki confront Surtur, and Loki convinces Surtur that he has an ultimate plan, one that will help the Lord of Fire in his conquest. All Loki needs is to send a message to his brother, Thor. Later, Thor has arrived in Muspelheim at Loki's request, and convincing him that he can lead Thor across and stream of lava. Loki makes the first leap, and as Thor goes to leap, Loki pulls his hand back, letting Thor fall into the lava.


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  • EVERYTHING BURNS, Part 4 • With the nine realms aflame and Asgardia besieged on all sides, a desperate Loki journeys into the heart of Surtur's fiery kingdom to...parlay?


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