Quote1 Hold steady. The sky's bugle sounds. The dogs of Asgard come running. Quote2
-- Gullveig

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In Mephisto's realm, he gets news that Loki is soon to be betrayed and delights in the news of who it is. In Asgardia, Yggdrasil burns as Loki and Thor look on disturbed. In Vanaheim, an emissary from Surtur offers them the chance to throw of the yoke of Asgard and gives them Engel-powered warriors. Gullveig, the steward of Vanaheim and sister to Freyja, agrees, declaring war on Asgard.

Back in Asgardia, Heimdall reports that the Temple of Union in Vanaheim is ablaze, and rebellion grows led by Gullveig. Thor leads a group of Asgardians to Vanaheim and are met in battle. Volstagg begins to voice questions regarding Freyja's loyalty, being from Vanaheim herself. Gullveig tells Thor that it will not be like it was before, and summons forth the Engel-powered soldiers and they destroy the temple. The Vanaheim then withdraw, and Thor and the Asgardians do likeways until they learn what it is they face. Loki tells Thor that they need to talk, and back in Leah's cave, Loki confesses everything that he's done - deals with Mephisto, Hela and Surtur; creating the Crown of Fear; overthrowing the old gods of Otherworld; freed the Disir from their curse; freed the Hel-Wolf... Thor tells him that he's been busy, but that it will all be well and they will make it right.

Thor and Loki travel to Otherworld to speak to Master Wilson and confront him with the knowledge that the technology of the Manchester Gods has been used to foment rebellion against Asgard. Master Wilson tells them that they with no harm against Asgard and that their power will not march with the Vanaheim. Back in Asgardia, Thor and Loki return to Volstagg showing an iPad displaying images of all of Loki's dealings and demanding the arrest of the All-Mothers. They agree to the judgment of the Asgardians and then Volstagg states that Loki should be taken as well. Thor tells them that to get to Loki they will have to go through him, and holding the others back, tells Loki to run.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • Rebellion against Asgard! The start of the second Aesir/Vanir war!

• What dread power has the Vanir harnessed to stand against Thor? • Loki’s mischief is revealed. Will he or Asgardia survive? • Thori’s unconventional plans to counter everything burning.


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