Quote1 Lucky most of my plans don't have unforseen problematic consequences like this, eh? That would be terrible! Quote2
-- Loki

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In the Dream Dimension, Nightmare has finished forging his Crown of Fear. Elsewhere in Rodrigues, Daimon has finished performing another exorcism on a young boy and then transports himself away. In the Infinite Embassy, the other Fear Lords are holding a congress, but none of them know why they were called. It turns out to have been Loki, in order to inform them of Nightmare's plan to become dominant over them all. They immediately storm the Dream Dimension in order to stop him and they begin to battle over the Crown. As they all battle over it, Loki and Leah leave, this having been Loki's plan all along. They are all to evenly matched and none of them will ever allow one of the others to possess the Crown. Back outside Leah's Cave, Daimon lets his displeasure at being played known and then takes his leave with a warning. Back in Asgardia, Loki informs the All-Mothers about whats been happening, and they tell him that he must rake their garden clean, and that Leah must still make an apology to the townsfolks in Broxton. Loki and Leah go back to the soda shop and meet the guy from earlier[1], and Leah makes apologies by hurling herself through the window.


  • Also includes a two-page spread of "The Uncivil War of the Fear Lords" board game.

    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • Conclusion Of The Terrorism Myth! • With A Little Help From A Little God, Nightmare Has Made The Crown That Makes Him King Of Fear And The World. • Our Only Hope Is That Loki Has Somehow Trapped It... He Hasn’t. It Works Fine. Oh Noes! • The Time For Heroism Is Over. Now It’s Time For Something Else...


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