Quote1 You're not Leah. Even in a dream, Leah wouldn't be nice. Quote2
-- Loki

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Daimon Hellstrom has tracked down Loki, believing him the culprit behind the people dying from fear energy. Leah manages to protect Loki long enough for them to convince Hellstrom that Loki is not behind it, and that he has been suffering from the same nightmares as well.

They enter Loki's dreams, where Loki finds himself alone and attacked by a corpse-like Thor, the Hel-Wolf, and the Disir, all blaming him for their deaths. Leah apparently enters Loki's dream to try and save him, but Loki realizes it's not really her when she calls him her BFF, something Leah would never do. Loki rips off her head and puts it over his own, seeing that the true culprit is Nightmare, who wants to gather all the fear energy to make himself all-powerful, and the largest concentration of this energy is inside Loki. Loki then has Leah wake him up, and they share what information they've gathered. Leah realizes that this fear energy kills the sleepers and that Loki has the largest chunk of it inside his own head - meaning Loki is going to die.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • Daimon Hellstrom guest stars and helps Loki in a global chase to hunt down the bad dreams of FEAR ITSELF!

• And can Loki resist selling everyone out to save his own skin? • Nightmare continues to be a bad guy...


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