Quote1 My plan only succeeded because of the willfulness of goats. In the last few days, I have been many things. But lucky most of all. Quote2
-- Loki

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Synopsis for "Aftermath, Part Two"Edit

Loki begins to settle his accounts and promises. First he frees the Disir, but only from his own control, since Mephisto now has claim on them. He then goes to see the All-Mothers of Asgardia, who want to know who was "piloting" the Destroyer. He tells them that he cannot answer them because that would be betraying someone who helped him (hint: it was Volstagg). He in turn asks them to restore Hela to Niffleheim since her current abode is inside the dimension of Mephisto, which they agree to. As Hela and Tyr beging to descend home, she tells Leah that she is to stay in Asgardia with Loki. But since he would have no way to explain who she is and how she got there, he gets her a nice cave between Broxton and Asgardia. In Mephisto's realm, he is torturing the Disir, and in Niffleheim, Hela expresses that she may have another role for Tyr in her kingdom. And back in Muspelheim, Surtur finally returns home, and begins forging anew.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • Loki on trial for high crimes against the nine realms! • Will the consequences of his grand scheme to save Asgard from Fear Itself finally destroy him?


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