Quote1 I have children, Loki. A great prattling, squelching brood who exist to do nothing but create smells and trouble and joy. I love them all. Quote2
-- Volstagg

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Loki makes his own plans to deal with The Serpent. He first leaves Asgard and retrieves the Hel-Wolf from inside the Worldtree, where Heimdall cannot see into. He then travels to Hel to speak with Tyr, who tells him that The Tongue of the Serpent is there, and Hela has not decided on whether to stand with The Serpent or against him. Loki then travels to Mephisto's realm, where he tells Mephisto that Hela has already decided, and The Serpent will have a foothold in Mephisto's realm. He returns to Hel and tells Hela that Mephisto is going to invade Hel, getting Hela out of the way for a bit.


You know, I think I'm beginning to REALLY like Loki under Gillen's hand. He's a vastly complex character, even more so since he doesn't have his powers, just his cunning.

Solicit Synopsis:

  • FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN Loki needs allies to hatch his schemes. But what happens when the Trickster God cannot find a single one in Asgard? Follow Loki to the very depths of Hel as he wades through the dead to find someone to join his cause. But Loki will soon see that the dead do not forgive easily…or forget!


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