Quote1 And what if I am not just a man? Quote2
-- Thor

Appearing in "Thane"Edit

Main Characters:

  • Avengers
    • Captain America
    • Captain Marvel
    • Thor
  • Black Bolt

Supporting Characters:

  • Ruling Council
    • Super-Skrull
    • Annihilus
    • Gladiator
    • Ronan
    • J-Son
  • Thane


  • Builders
  • Thanos

Other Characters:

  • Kree
    • Supreme Intelligence
    • Accuser Corps
  • Jourr


  • Hala
  • Earth
    • Orollan
    • United States
      • New York, New York
        • Attilan (debris)


  • Weapon Supreme
  • Captain America's Shield
  • Mjolnir


  • The Lilandra

Synopsis for "Thane"Edit

Above Hala, the Avengers and the Ruling Council make their plans to free Hala from the Builders. Down below, the Builders receive word that the ships above are surrendering. Ronan has assembled the Accuser Corps to witness the final victory of the Builders. Back on Earth, in the hidden city of Orollan, Thanos' target remains unaware of happenings in the world, until the terrigenesis bomb goes off. In New York, Thanos finds Black Bolt still alive and beats him down demanding to know where his son is. as the Terrigen Mists swarm across the Earth, anyone with a hint of Inhuman blood in them begins their transformations, including Thane, whose transformation is so explosive that he kills everyone in his village. On Hala, the emissary for the rebels has arrived - Thor. Ronan tells him that he is to approach unarmed, so he hurls Mjolnir away into space. The Builder then approaches him and backhands Thor, in the belief that he is teaching a lesson. He then demands that Thor kneel to him, which after a pause, he does. The Builder tells him that this will not save the Earth. The humans are a plague and a sickness in every universe there is. Back aboard the Lilandra, they detect something incoming at incredible velocity. A reckoning. Mjolnir. Having orbited Hala's sun, it returns to its master. Straight through the Builder. With his dying words, the Builder tells him that this means everything dies, to which Thor replies, "You first," and crushes his skull. Thor asks Ronan if he is a free man, and Ronan replies that he is, and then wants to know if there are other free men and women, and the entire Accuser Corps replies with a resounding yes. Gladiator asks what next, and Captain America tells him that now, they win.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • Negotiating the fall of worlds.

• The Illuminati versus Thanos. • Thor, God of War.


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