Hulk vs.

Hulk vs. (Film)
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Hulk vs.
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Frank Paur; Sam Liu
Information-silk Producers
Craig Kyle
Information-silk Writers
Craig Kyle; Christopher Yost
Information-silk Musicians
Guy Michaelmore
Information-silk Distributors
Lionsgate Home Entertainment
Information-silk Running Time
78 min.
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January 13, 2009
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Quote1 Twice the carnage. Double the smash. Quote2


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Loki kidnaps Bruce Banner in order to use the power of the Hulk against Thor and the Asgardians while Odin is in the Odnisleep. The Enchantress uses her magicks to bond Loki to the Hulk and pull Banner's spirit from the body, separating them. Loki controlling the Hulk goes on a rampage against Thor and begins beating him mercilessly, but when Loki tries to lift Mjolnir via the Hulk, the Hulk's rage becomes too strong and breaks the spell controlling him. With the Banner-less Hulk free in Asgard, he begins to go on a rampage, savagely destroying anything and everyone in front of him. Noticing the glow around the palace, the Hulk makes a beeline for the sleeping Odin. The Asgardians try to make a stand, but the Hulk is just too strong. In Loki's castle, Thor arrives after being rescued by Amora, and they discover that Loki has killed Bruce Banner. Dying in Asgard means that Hela as claimed his soul, and they cannot return the Hulk to Earth. Thor and Loki travel to Hel to beseech Hela to release Banner's soul to save Asgard, but Bruce does not want to give up his dream. Loki convinces Hela to bring the Hulk to Hel in order to merge the two back together and claim the complete soul. The Hulk begins to rip through Hel, and Thor and Loki fight to subdue the Hulk, but he is just too strong. Finally, Banner realizes what he has to do and re-merges with the Hulk. Hela returns Banner to Earth, but she wants a replacement and claims Loki's soul in recompense. After Odin awakens, he proclaims Bruce Banner a hero for fighting for a world not his own.



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