Quote1 I can't even imagine the terrible tragedy of being the man trapped within the monster - called The Hulk! Quote2
-- Captain America

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  • U.S. Army




Synopsis for "By Banner Betrayed!"Edit

The Avengers are confronting the Hulk, trying to talk to him. In a South American jungle, the conflict is observed by Baron Zemo, the Executioner, and the Enchantress. After the Hulk ditches the Avengers, the Enchantress transports them to the Hulk and convince him to join them. When the Avengers and the army find the Hulk, he has the Masters of Evil at his side. The battle swings back and forth until Zemo makes the mistake of threatening Rick Jones. Enraged at seeing his only true friend being threatened, Hulk turns on Zemo. The villains all escape and the heroes are left pondering the future of the Hulk.


  • This issue takes place between Avengers #7 and Avengers #14.

    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • A five-part, weekly punch-fest that explores the ever-evolving relationship between the Gamma Goliath and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

• Hulk vs. the 60’s-era Avengers: Captain America, Iron Man, Giant-Man, Wasp and Thor!


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