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Aldoneus, Dis, Hayden P. Hellman
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Persephone (wife); Gaea (grandmother); Kronos (father); Rhea (mother)
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Ruler of Hades

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God of the dead
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First appearance


Pluto is the eldest son of the Titan Kronus, who ruled the Olympian dimension before Zeus, and his Titaness wife Rhea. Fearing that he would be overthrown by one of his offspring just as he himself had dethroned his own father, Kronus imprisoned each of his children in Hades as soon as he or she was born. (Later legends erroneously claimed that Kronus had actually swallowed his children and that they remained alive inside him until Zeus released them.) Appalled, the children's mother, Rhea, gave birth to Zeus without Kronus's knowledge, and gave him to the primeval Earth goddess Gaea to be raised in secret. The adult Zeus freed his siblings and led them in successful revolt against Kronus and the Titans. Pluto's unique contribution in the war was stealing Kronus's principal weapons from his palace while wearing a helmet of invisibility. After the Olympians' victory, Zeus, knowing that the male Titans now confined in Hades needed a stern warden, and that the brooding Pluto was the only one of his siblings who found life in Tartarus suitable to his or her own temperament, assigned rulership of the entire underworld to his elder brother. Pluto was quite pleased with this new role and rarely left the underworld over the following centuries. The most infamous exception was when he carried of Kore, the goddess of spring, to the underworld where he forced her to become his wife under the name Persephone. Kore's mother, the fertility goddess Demeter, was outraged and refused to allow crops to grow in ancient Greece until Kore was returned. Eventually a compromise was reached, and Persephone spends only the fall and winter months in Hades with her husband. Since the time of his initial appointment to Hades, Pluto had populated his realm with the "shades" (astral forms) of mortals. When the worship of the Olympian gods eventually died out, Zeus forbade Pluto from collecting any more "souls" and forced him to relinquish those souls he had collected over the years. Pluto obeyed the edict resentfully. Accustomed to a kingdom full of subjects, he soon convinced himself that Zeus had assigned him rulership of Hades as a form of exile, and that Zeus had proven himself an incompetent leader by allowing the worship of the Olympians to come to an end. Zeus, noting Pluto's increasingly ominous rebelliousness at council meetings of the Olympian pantheon, warned Pluto against attempting to overthrow him and sentenced him to remain monarch of Hades unless he could find a willing replacement. Eventually Pluto deceived Zeus's son Hercules into signing an agreement to become his successor. Pluto soon released Hercules from the agreement since he found himself unable to leave the kingdom he so loved. Although Pluto decided not to forsake Hades entirely, he still wished to add new conquests to his kingdom. As a result Pluto has attempted to conquer Earth, using mutates from an alternate future as his soldiers, has tried unsuccessfully to set in motion the groundwork for overthrowing Zeus and conquering Olympus, and has even attempted to capture Odin. None of Pluto's schemes of conquest have succeeded, but he is not deterred.

Powers and Abilities


Pluto's energy-wielding abilities are equaled among the Olympians only by Neptune and surpassed only by Zeus. Only a few of Pluto's many powers have as yet been depicted. he has been portrayed as able to fire powerful force bolts from his hands, to create mystical flame and to sheathe himself with such flame while remaining unharmed.


Like all Olympians, he is immortal, possessing a life essence that cannot be snuffed by any convention means and a body with supernatural recuperative powers. It would take an injury of such magnitude that it dispersed a major portion of his bodily molecules to cause him physical death, and even then, his life essence may still be unharmed.

Strength level

Among the Olympian gods, his physical strength is matched only be Neptue and Areas, and exceeded only by Zeus and Hercules. Pluto can lift 70 tons.



Pluto has a helmet of invisibility made for him by the Cyclopes, one-eyes giants who had been trapped by Kronus in Hades along with Pluto. Using it, Pluto is able to make himself magically invisible even to other Olympians.


Pluto can create interdimensional apertures to enable him to transport himself from one dimension to another.


Pluto wields a large battleaxe through which he can project, focus, and magnify his force bolts. The battleaxe is made of enchanted adamantine and is virtually indestructible. One of these axes was smashed by the spell of the Norns in recent years but Pluto has others. All of them were constructed by the Cyclopes, who stil live in Hades, although not as prisoners.