Grendell (Dark Elf) (Earth-616)
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"Mankind's enemy," "Guardian of evil," "Terror-monger," "Shadow-stalker"
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Big Mother (mother, real name unrevealed)
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Cain's clan
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Dark Elf
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In the sixth century, the giant half-elven monster Grendell lived in the lakes and marshes of Zealand island (part of modern Denmark) with his monstrous mother, who used sorcery to keep the metal blades of the nearby humans from harming him and allowed him to touch iron without being burned. Keenly disturbed by the nightly banquets held at Heorot Hall by the Dane tribe's King Hrothgar, Grendell approached the mead hall after the king's thanes (landowning warriors) settled for the night. He attacked 30 men, took the bodies to his lair and ate them. For the next 12 years, Grendell prowled the lands around Heorot nightly, killing and sometimes eating Hrothgar's people, despite the Danes' attempts to capture, kill, or reason with him. According to legend, the stories of Grendell's attacks on the Danes eventually reached the shores of Gotaland (aka Geatland, part of modern Sweden), where the warrior Beowulf, allegedly to repay a debt his late father Ecgtheow still owed Hrothgar, gathered 14 of his fellow thanes and arrived at Heorot Hall, intent on killing the monster Grendell. That night, Grendell entered the hall as he normally did and quickly ate one of Beowulf's men before the Geat could respond. When Grendell reached for Beowulf, the human clasped the monster in a fierce hand-grip, and the two savagely fought inside the hall until Beowulf tore Grendell's left arm off, mortally wounding the monster. Escaping Heorot, Grendell made his way back to his den, where is mother used sorcery to keep death from permanently claiming him. She started killing the Danes in revenge until Beowulf, using a powerful sword (possibly Excalibur) he found in her den, imprisoned her in a floating underground prison. Centuries later, and English monk, descended from the Geats wrote the old legends into an epic poem, celebrating Beowulf's achievements for the ages.

Recovering, Grendell eventually came to the Asgardian realm Svartalfheim, where he became a fearful legend to the dark elves, who believed he either came back from death, or more horribly, was still dead. In modern times, when Asgardian death goddess Hela put a curse on the thunder god Thor Odinson that kept him from healing or dying, Thor went to a steel mill in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to create a suit of magical armor to protect himself. Using Asgardian steel and his hammer, Mjolnir, Thor unwittingly destroyed portals connecting Earth to Svartalfheim, frightening the dark elves. Fearful Thor would use his new armor to destroy them, the elves summoned Grendell from his underground lair to protect them from Thor's perceived threat. Backed by an army of dark elves, Grendell invaded the fundry and attacked Thor. During the fight, a weakening Thor impales Grendell on a metal bar, seriously injuring the monster. Believing himself dying, Grendell had the dark elves hold Thor down for the killing blow. Grendell saluted Thor as his most worthy opponent, but before he could deliver the death blow, Thor's adopted brother Loki Laufeyson teleported him away for his own dire amusements, leaving a furious Grendell behind. Years later, the dark elf Malekith maneuvered Thor and Hercules into fighting each other to exhaustion before unleashing Grendell to kill them. Before Grendell could do so, however, a de-aged Zeus struck him with a lightning bolt, knocking him senseless.

Powers and Abilities


Unlike other dark elves, Grendell is protected by spells that allow him to handle iron without fatally burning himself and prevent blades from injuring him. It is unrevealed if he has any mystical powers of his own.


Grendell is a capable fighter, relying more on brute strength than skill in defeating an opponent. He is highly durable, though he cannot regenerate lost limbs.

Strength level

His strength limit is unrevealed, but is presumably close to Thor's (Class 100).



He previously carried a dragonskin pouch (which may have had magical properties) that could hold at least 30 adult humans.


Grendell carries a war club made of an unidentified metal that can withstand a blow from Mjolnir.


Grendell's foe Beowulf may be the Eternal Gilgamesh or immortal hunter Ulysses Bloodstone, both of whom were mistaken for Beowulf, rather than the legendary Geat warrior.